CCIE Wireless Lab Exam Blueprint

If you spend a little time on the Cisco Learning Network you can find the CCIE Wireless Lab Exam Blueprint. The thing that has always bugged me is that it’s not easy to print, and it’s not in a format that I like to work with. So tonight I spent a few minutes (literally) and I took the blueprint and dropped it into OmniOutliner. Below you can download the OmniOutliner formatted blueprint as well as the printed PDF version. Enjoy and Happy Studies.

CCIE Wireless Lab Exam Blueprint in Omni Outliner Format and PDF Zipped



  1. Dmitriy says

    Currently I have finished Fast Lane CCIE Wireless workbook.
    It is a good guide for understanding technology. Now I am going to study directly
    for the passing lab exam. If someone need more insight contact me at

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