VIRL Is Here But…


The long anticipated VIRL is here and there is a buzz about the community around it. Why are people buzzing? Well it could be because of the 199.99 price tag at the standard consumer level, or the 79.99 educational licensing. True you can get GNS3 for nothing, but is it better? Or, is it worth […]

Plexxi Makes Progress With DSE

Many in the SDN world have been tracking the happenings of Plexxi and recently at a Network Field Day I had an opportunity to catch up on what they’ve been doing with the Data Services Engine (DSE). What I heard had be intrigued and excited to continue watching their progress. What’s New With DSE What […]

Solarwinds Engineers Toolset: IP Address Management


You may already be familiar with Solarwinds Orion and their suite of tools that run on Orion, this is not the only useful product the company provides to network engineers. Not to be overlooked is another product called the Engineers Toolset. The engineers tool set is a portable suite of over 50 applications that are […]

ThousandEyes: A Better Cloud-Based Application Performance Monitoring Solution

ThousandEyes Review

Troubleshooting issues in your network is challenging enough, but in the age of SaaS providers things get a little tricky. We now see a lot of finger pointing. Ever hear something like this at work? Network Engineer: It’s not our network, its the SaaS provider. SaaS Provider: It’s not our network, it’s your upstream provider. […]

Networking Field Day 6 Is In My Travel Plans

Networking Field Day 6 Post

Monday begins my travel to Networking Field Day, to join the additional delegates for a few “mind-altering” days in San Jose. Events like this, brought to you by Gestalt IT and Stephen Foskett, are a major event in the networking industry because the connect technical media with technical vendors. In a typical trade show you […]